Durable and wipeable, Vinyl is perfect for high-traffic areas that need to look fresh again the following day. Whether you’re looking for traditional oak-style or modern textured vinyl, your style can be matched. 

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Slip resistant, waterproof and stunning, our Stagefloor gives that magic touch wherever it is laid. Stagefloor gives your space a presence that looks both contemporary and standout. This floor can take some serious footfall too. Why not let our floor bring a superstar touch to your event?

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Our Smooth range is like ice cream, it’s popular and everyone has their own favourite colour! Providing a cushion-backed smooth matt surface, this flooring is not only stylish, but super functional - with a whopping 0.35mm wear layer. This enhanced durability means it’s also great for more permanent installations. A great range of colours seals this flooring as a fantastic all-round choice for your event.

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The Shine range really offers you the chance to sparkle. This high-shine flooring makes any space feel super-modern, with picture-perfect visual effects for lighting. This product is very well suited to fashion, catwalks or design events, giving the creations the chance to stand out in a beautiful, dazzling environment. Shine flooring also offers enhanced durability, meaning you don’t need to worry about wear, and can get on with shining brightly!

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Give your stand a natural, inviting look with our range of natural wood-grain effect vinyl. With a range of colours available, these woodplanks help to make an area look warm and inviting. Whether you’re looking for modern greys or traditional oaks, we can help! Woodplank vinyl offers a waterproof, slip-resistant surfaces and feels great under foot too thanks to its weight. Would we choose wood? Of course we wood (sorry!).

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Not just standing out, but being truly unique can be tough. So why not look to our metallics range of vinyl? With studded finishes, crazy paving effects and even chessboard flooring…you can be as creative as you want! Safety is still as standard, with a slip resistant, waterproof finish.

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Lasting slip-resistance that looks good! Compact backing and 0.70mm wear layer make it a durable solution for many heavy-use projects.

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