Event and Red Carpet Flooring


As our name suggests, we know our events. Outdoor…indoor…we’ve been there. From knowing how carpet backings will stick on a wet concrete floor to constructing high impact visuals for worldwide television audiences, we’ve seen it, dealt with it and got the t-shirt. We love nothing more than seeing clients wowed by what we’ve achieved with our flooring, whether that’s transforming walkways for a high-profile guest, turning stark grey footpaths into a riot of colour, or fitting a high-gloss finish for a catwalk show. We can hand-cut logos into your carpet, or print special one-off finishes to turn heads. 

We know you will have a vision for your event, and will probably have an idea of the colour schemes needed. We have a huge range of colours and styles available, and our sales team have the knowledge and skill to advise you of the best options available. 

Whether you’re looking for a perfect red carpet or a gleaming white space, we can help turn your vision into a reality with ease. 



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